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The Dental Hospitals offers advanced options in

Lingual Orthodontics:

Otherwise known as  INVISIBLE BRACES, Here  the braces are fixed on the inner surface of the tooth (behind the tooth) making it invisible  during your daily routine…It is an effective way of correcting irregular  or crooked tooth to those patients who hate those steely braces….

Buccal Orthodontics:

These are conventional Braces  of Stainless Steel &  Ceramic which are fixed on front of the tooth, it is the more traditional way of correcting  irregular teeth…


Root Canal Treatment is done with precise & advanced  instruments with the likes of X-Smart & ROOT ZX  apex locator for the best possible results & longevity of the tooth…

The Medical Hospitals offers
Diabetes Care

Our hospital specifically deals  with well being of Diabetic patient, apart from treating Diabetic patient, we offer Diet lecture , podology  (Study & Care of Foot) … DIAGNOSTIC LABS  &   PHARMACY  are equipped with best equipments for testing & fill out  latest drugs for  prescriptions.

Women & Child Care

Our hospital offers  complete health management of Women &  Child, necessary counselling, health checkups, Vaccinations…..